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Drill Bits

Our range of Core Drilling Bits:

The Black Premium Range is generally used for applications where there is more steel than normal. It uses a sintered crown segment.

The Gold Tradies Range is an all purpose drill bit favored by most tradies and is used when there is a higher MPA concrete to drill. It uses a sintered crown segment.


The Green Laser Welded Range is our new range, becoming very popular. It is used in all round applications and has a laser welded segment with a special crown tip for easy bedding in when starting to drill. We found these drill bits to have a longer service life.


The Diamond Tip Mini Core Bits are for general use with a standard drill. Ideal for drilling through ceramic or porcelain tiles in a variety of applications. This is not an electroplated finish and as such has a extremely long life.

Managers Special!

Our 3 speed Orange Machine

Was $495.. NOW JUST

$270 (incl GST)


3 SPEED CORE DRILL 1800 watt motor,
No-load speed 920/1725/3450RPM,

weight 7.5kg
High gear 8-38mm, Middle gear 38-63mm,Low gear 63-80mm
Using diamond drill bits supplied by Diamond Revolution you can drill in reinforced concrete, brick & stone, you have the advantages of no dust with the built in water feed.
This machine German designed switch, earth leakage and soft start unit. We carry all parts for Core Drill. This Core drill has many exclusive features - water feed left and right side of drill, soft start electronics and clutch for safety when drilling.


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